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Story : Causing destruction of Bayani / Azali documents...

One night in ‘Akká we were all in the presence of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá and He was speaking of the unseemly deeds of Yahya Azal. In the course of His description, He had to point to His index finger to demonstrate the length and extent, and the story was as follows. He said, “One of Azal’s sons had said that my father reveals verses and each word is this big.” Smilingly He showed His index finger, meaning, the words are this long.

He related that Yahya Azal had said to the Blessed Beauty, “What would we do if the true Qá’im appeared?” The Blessed Beauty had smiled. ‘Abdu’l-Bahá also smiled.

Even though the Satanic Tree has never taken root, nor will ever do so, nevertheless this remark of his [Azal’s] was evidence of the falsity of his claim and lack of convictions in the truth of the Blessed Beauty.

‘Abdu’l-Bahá would relate in essence, “Azal was most hairy. His back was hairy like a bear.” In short, those that rose to extinguish the perspicuous light, even their body was not without fault and defect.

After the honored Mishkín-Qalam, whose name is mentioned in the history of the Cause, arrived in the Holy Land from the town in Cyprus where Yahya Azal was residing, he related the following:

One year there was no rain in Cyprus. People in that region were most disturbed. No matter how much they prayed, supplicated, visited various shrines, or engaged in entreaty in mosques and other places of worship, in hope that God would accept their appeal and open the gates of His Mercy unto them, it bore no fruit.

At that time, Azal lived in a secluded room that had a high shelf. On this shelf, he had a bundle in which he kept a great quantity of papers, and had deep affinity towards these papers. (From the tone of the original, it appears that the bag contained Azal’s own writings.) I said to people who were praying [for rain], “If you want rain to come, at that location there is a bag full of papers containing many talismans. Bring down and burn those papers, and immediately rain will descend.”

Immediately they hastened to that location [Azal’s apartment] and carried out my suggestion. No matter how much Azal cried and screamed, no one had paid any attention to him.

At that moment, I turned my thoughts to the Blessed Beauty, and whispered, “O God, do not allow me to be discredited. Manifest Thy power!”

Suddenly, a cloud with thunder and lightening appeared and filled the sky. So much rain poured that it nearly flooded.

People were most thankful to me. They would say, “We wish you had enlightened us sooner!”

Source : With ‘Abdu’l-Bahá - Reminiscences of Khalil Shahídí, translated by Ahang Rabbani, Pages 47, 48

Same story with some changes can be found in another book :

When the Ottoman government banished Bahá’u’lláh and His companions to ‘Akká, it sent a few believers, including Mishkín Qalam, along with Azal to Cyprus. The believers were most chagrined and always longed to go to ‘Akká and leave Cyprus. At that time, Azal was in frequent correspondence with all destinations. He used to put his correspondence in a basket hung from the ceiling with a rope and pulley.

As it happened, that year, it had not rained for quite some time in Cyprus and everyone, especially the farmers, was unhappy about it. When Mishkín Qalam would see people in the street he used to tell them that the reason for the lack of rain was that Azal engaged in sorcery and all his sorcery papers were in a basket hung from the ceiling in his room. This rumour spread throughout the city and after a while everyone believed that the reason for lack of rain was Azal’s sorcery.

One day, people decided to break into Azal’s house in his absence. They found the basket and burned everything in it.

That night, when Mishkín Qalam returned home he heard about what had happened, he prostrated himself and weeping said to himself: “O Bahá’u’lláh, what have I done? If it does not rain tomorrow I will be in deep trouble.” He spent a while in prayers and, weeping, beseeched Bahá’u’lláh, with a contrite heart, to send rain.

The next morning he awoke to a heavy downpour. He was so happy that he broke into a dance and the affection of Cyprus citizenry toward him increased to the point that it facilitated Mishkín Qalam and a few other believers’ departure from Cyprus.

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