Friday, July 14, 2017

Babis were engaged in Opium Trade

The Shirazis (Babis) were engaged in commercial activities, ranging from trade in traditional commodities to that of newly introduced items, such as opium (taryāk). It was Ḥāji Mirzā Moḥammad-ʿAli (1824-96), Moḥammad-Taqi’s eldest brother, who was mostly involved in the opium trade with his younger brother, Ḥāji Mirzā Bozorg, at least until the consumption of, and trade in, opium was banned by Bahāʾ-Allāh.

(item 155; Ganjina-ye ḥodud, pp. 428-29; E. Afnan, p. 17 of draft article)

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