Friday, July 14, 2017

Babis were using Opium

In a Tablet to Núri‟d-Dín (INBMC 52:307 no. 347), `Abdu‟l-Bahá speaks very critically about Siyyid Mírzá and states that everything he has written should be considered lies and calumnies. He also says that Siyyid Mírzá is beyond all guidance, admonishment or reasoning and such efforts are fruitless. He traces Siyyid Mírzá‟s rebellion to the time of Bahá‟u‟lláh, when the Latter emphatically forbade him from using opium and yet he refused to obey.

Memories of My Life - Translation of Mírzá Habíbu’lláh Afnán’s Khátirát-i-Hayát, Ahang Rabbani

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