Saturday, July 29, 2017

Abdul Baha about the belief of certain Hindus.

You have written concerning the statements of certain Hindus.

Exalted is God! (*Used as a note of exclamation.*) What speech is that and what an idea and supposition whose error is obvious! In the world of humanity, certain personages appeared who became the trainers of the world, shone forth like unto the sun, were adorned by the people of all religions, became recipients of Divine Revelations and dawning places of the light of Truth. Consider, therefore, the human temple, and see to what heights of loftiness and exaltation it has reached!

On the other hand, many exist as human beings who are adorers end worshippers of stone and clay, that is, the mineral, which is the lowest of beings. Consider how base and low are they when their object of worship is the basest of things, such as stone, clay and mineral!

How then can one compare the two above classes of human beings with each other? No, by God, this were a great calamity! The outward is the expression of the inward.

A witless person, no matter how intense a discipline he endures and how abundant an exertion it may make to become a new creation, he never can attain the station of the Dawning-places of Revelation and Day-springs of Inspiration. The "Tree of Zakum" (* Koran - a tree of bitterest fruit. *) will not become a lofty palm tree, and the fell colocynth (i.e., bitter-apple) will never bear a sweet fruit. What imagination is this? What a strange superstition and supposition is this! How astonishing that people listen to such superstition!

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