Tuesday, June 20, 2017

You are not asses !

Regarding 'dispersal', a letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi stated "By dispersal the Guardian means the friends should get away entirely from the large centres of population and, leaving a nucleus of about 15 Bahá'ís to maintain the Local Assembly, go settle, live and teach in new towns, cities and even villages."


Juan Cole includes the following paragraph in his article titled "Race, Immorality and Money in the American Baha'i Community: Impeaching the Los Angeles Spiritual Assembly" which was published in the journal Religion...

The exclusion of a fair number of Iranian Baha'is, moreover, was the fault of the international and national Baha'i authorities, who adopted policies signaling that the Iranian refugees were not supposed to be in Los Angeles. Around 1981, Ruhiyyih Khanum (née Mary Maxwell) Rabbani, a Hand of the Cause or lay bishop, spoke to the community harshly, upbraiding them for settling in a such a decadent urban center, implying they should never have left Iran, and that if they had insisted on doing so should at least have had the decency to settle as missionaries in some remote village of the global South. Many traditionalist Baha'is believe that cities are in imminent danger of evaporation. When someone from the audience asked where they should have settled instead, she replied in Persian that it was self-evident: Khar kih nistid (you are not asses).

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