Saturday, June 17, 2017

Was Mirza Yahya a scapegoat for Baha'u'llah?

The Bab never appointed Mirza Yahya as a scapegoat to diverge attention away from Baha'u'llah. There is not a shred of evidence in the Bab's works to show this and this is merely a baseless Baha'i claim. In fact, according to the Bab, Mirza Yahya was God Almighty Himself and he refers to him in his will in this manner: Verse 1: "Name of Azal, testify that there is no God but I, the dearest beloved." Verse 2: "Then testify that there is no God but you, the victorious and permanent."

(Translation of the will can be found here: )

Funny thing is Baha'is refer to Mirza Yahya, who is the Babi God, using very derogatory terms!

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