Sunday, August 13, 2017

The heedless members of the Shi'ih sect

"And that which you have mentioned about Shalmaghani and what Shalmaghani has uttered in relation to this Supreme Manifestation of God [= Z.uhur illah al-a'] this is that which the Tongue of the Ancient of days has now uttered:

O Abul Faz.l ! thou has spoken the truth and thou hast disclosed what was hidden in the words of Shalmaghani. The intention of My Herald, the Primal Point, may the spirit of all else be His sacrifice, in referring to this matter was to tear the veil of vain imaginings of the people, because as your honour is aware, the heedless members of the Shi'ih sect have mentioned many things on this matter (of the Occultation of the Hidden Imam). At some time they built with the hands of their fancies the Sacred Precinct [=naah.iyah ye muqaddasah]. At another time the mention of the "underground cellar" [sardab] and the "ocean" flowed from their falsifying tongues and yet at another they talked about Jabulqa and Jabulsa. Finally it became evident and manifest that all these utterances were aloft on the steed of fancy and that their riders were speeding in the wilderness of vain imaginings and idle thought. The intention of His holiness, the Bab, was always to tear the veils asunder, so that all may recognise that that Divine Entity, the Promised One, the Sanctified Essence was in the unborn world [as.laab] not in these falsely fabricated cities =nah dar shahr haaye mawhuumah ye maj'uulah]. In the beginning of the Bab's Dispensation no more could be appreciated by the people than these mentions and what He spoke was to outward appearance in agreement with what later flowed from his Supreme Pen and He now speaks in His own Self between the earth and heaven saying: "In truth I am the Mother Book amongst all creation! I am the Manifest Truth amongst all humankind and I am the utterance of the All- merciful in the world of existence. How blessed is the one who mentioned Him before and mentions Him again now and who bears witness unto Him as all created things have borne witness to the Cause of God the Revealer of these verses. **

Baha'u'llah, quoted in Zuhur ul Haqq by Fadil e Maazandaraani Tablet addressed to Mirza Abu'l-Fazl

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