Saturday, June 17, 2017

Babi cult and ISIS

"He who acquires a position of ruling is a manifestation of God’s wrath and if possible for him, must not leave [alive] on earth anyone but the Babis!” 

(The Bab, Lauh haykal al-din, unit 4, chap. al-Baha);

"Make everyone accept the [religion of] Bayan and do not accept from them jewels that would amount to the whole earth as payment so that they are excused from becoming Babis,”

(The Bab, Lauh haykal al-din, unit 5, chap. al-Lad)

"Chapter six of the sixth unit which is about destroying all books but those that have been written or will be written about this order (meaning the Bab’s creed)."

(The Bab, Farsi Bayan, unit 6, chap. 6)

“You must destroy everything [non-Babi?] that you have written and you must argue using the Bayan,” 

(The Bab, Arabic Bayan, unit 6, chap. 6)

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