Monday, February 6, 2017

Baha'i titles for Covenant Breakers...

...buzzing about like flies and making a great deal of noise, all in order to influence the believers.

In Tehran the Old Hyena met with eternal damnation.

The two mischief-makers of Tabriz received their due reward: one died and the other found sanctuary with the Protestants. And in Bombay, Jahrumi failed miserably.

Of the 'Akka Covenant-breakers, some returned to the fold while others found themselves cast out and beyond redemption. Those notorious traitors who had appeased both sides in pursuance of their own interests were abandoned and forgotten. About the year 1904, the Centre of Sedition and a few of his helpers crawled back like spiders into their den of seclusion and wove webs of vain imaginings, superstition and deception...

However, even this inactivity did not signal the end of their struggle: like the germs of infectious diseases such as anthrax and diphtheria they concealed themselves, while continuing to inject their poison into the bloodstream of the sublime temple of the Faith of God in the hope of injuring and eventually disabling it.

Now they emerged once again from their seclusion and asserted themselves, like horrible viruses entering the circulatory system,

(Memories of Nine Years in Akka by Youness Afroukhteh)

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