Sunday, August 13, 2017

Bab's wisdom (Dissimulation)

His holiness the exalted Bab because of the weakness of the people at the inception of his manifestation showed extreme forbearance. He spoke with the utmost wisdom e.g. he says in a certain context, 'if anyone attributes prophethood, imamate or anything above these stations or similar to it has perpetrated a calumny against me and I am far removed from him'. There are many such examples in the utterances of the Bab. In another context He even says that if anyone ascribes the particular and explicated Gatehood [Babiyyat e ye] to Me has uttered a fabrication. Then afterwards He has mentioned all these grades to apply to His own station. In one instance He says, "I am the same Point of the Qur'an (Muhammad) that have been manifested in this spiritual cycle as the Point of the Bayan. This former station would be the station of prophethood and in the case of the latter station of the Imamate, He revealed: 'I am the promised Qa'im Whose advent you were promised'. Yet in other circumstances He has denied all the above and mentioned higher stations. Thus in a passage He reveals that if people were not so weak He would not have mentioned that His station was that of [representing] the Primal Will.' There is no doubt whatever that all these utterances are the exercise of H.ikmat [Wisdom] for if in the beginning of His manifestation He were to utter the above last utterances the flame and fire of opposition and rejection would have inflicted on Him what it did eventually achieve in the end. At all times reflect upon the tyranny of the oppressor, the objections of the enemy and the denial of the gainsayers who are none other than the divines of this age. Such was their opposition that He Who was the Quintessence of existence itself [Jawhar e Wujud] called Himself the "Servant of the Remnant of God" but this degraded people were not happy with that and they perpetrated that which my pen and my tongue are both unable to describe and up to this point in time no one has been able to ascertain the truth of this or to comprehend the consequences and traces of this matter.

- The Tablet of Hussain by Baha'u'llah

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