Sunday, May 7, 2017

Defending the Cause against Opponents on the Internet

The Bahá'í World Centre Department of the Secretariat addressed a letter to an individual believer concerning "Defending the Cause against Opponents on the Internet," stating in part "Under most circumstances, it would seem worse than futile for a Bahá'í to attempt to defend the institutions or members of the Faith... Similarly, for believers to be drawn into discussion of subjects which the Writings themselves tell us will find clarification only through the passing of time, such as the wisdom of Bahá'u'lláh's limiting membership of the Universal House of Justice to men, the full implication of the Will and Testament, and the process by which the Bahá'í Commonwealth will emerge, would tend to divert attention from real and pressing issues... Where opposition chooses to assail the Faith on points where scholarly expertise in a particular field is required, the challenge to respond falls directly on those believers who are thus qualified, and the Bahá'í community is fortunate in having the human resources necessary to this purpose. For discussions that are of a more general nature, a wider number of the friends will be in a position to provide helpful comment. While the initiative in all such matters rests primarily with the individual believer, the institutions of the Faith are in a position to offer guidance on how the Faith's interests can best be served. Indeed, where discussions of this kind have a direct and immediate impact on the perception of the Faith among the non-Bahá'í public, the Guardian has emphasized the importance of the friends' seeking "the guidance and approval of the National Spiritual Assembly" in all attempts to counter open attacks on the Cause"

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